Monday 1 October 2012

September (and summer, and fiscal year) Review

The last three months were a little lighter than usual, but I did work on a few things:
  • Access database that converts sales data to resource requirements by employee position
  • Database maintenance utility to purge old data from a program that's been running a number of years
  • Maximo related program that automatically emails vendors to remind them of outstanding purchase orders.
  • Client ranking function from an EMS system to help determine which clients are the most profitable.
  • Maximo related program to generate RFQ spreadsheets to email to clients and then upload the returned data from the clients.
  • SQL function to return written off totals for the year in an EMS database.
  • Plus a number of minor requests and edits to existing programs.
My fiscal year ended yesterday.  2011/2012 was a good year.  Got a new client at the beginning of it and it looks like they are going to be a long term one.