Thursday 31 May 2012

May Review

May involved a lot of Maximo work.  I wrote a program to automatically email purchase orders that were generated in the Maximo re-order process.  The program is in Access and it generates a PO report that is printed as a PDF.  It automatically attaches the PDF file to an Outlook email message and then puts it into the user's outbox.  Got a lot of complements on this one - the main user said they didn't realize how much time they were spending manually on this task until they didn't have to do it anymore.  Aside from that, did some revisions on some of the custom java classes and minor changes to other items I had done previously.

The rest of my time in May was spent writing some stored procedures and SSRS reports for one client, and revisions to Access programs for a couple of other clients.

The fiscal year of 2011/2012 is turning out to be a good one.  So far I've billed more than last fiscal year and I've still got 4 months to go.

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